Working with funding organisations to design outcomes based funding programs and mentoring their funded agencies to implement outcomes approaches

If you are a funder then Outcomes Victoria can assist you in the design of your funding program to ensure you have measurable outcomes for consumers and that your stakeholders and contractors are suitably trained to implement an outcomes approach. Do you want a funding program which is clear about how its consumers will be better off and your contractors are measuring apples and apples data? Do you want to ensure that the data you are getting to prove the efficacy of your funding programs is valid without expensive evaluation consultants? Do you want real data that tells you how much your contractors have done, how well they have done it and then compare who has gotten the best results for their consumers? Then you want to design your funding program using Results Based Accountability TM. Results Based Accountability TM makes outcomes measurement accessible to all levels of a not for profit agency even the smallest volunteer driven organisation. Let Outcomes Victoria assist you to design an effective funded program so you can meet your accountability requirements.