Working with Boards and the Executive team to develop and implement an outcomes based Corporate/ Strategic Plan

Outcomes Victoria works with Boards & their Executive team to develop outcomes frameworks which drive their organisational performance. Outcomes frameworks specify and quantify the curves that need to be turned to ensure success and assist Boards and Executive to successfully steer their organisation with solid evidence of achievement. Measurement is always a challenge in resource stretched organisations so you want to ensure you are measuring what needs to be measured to ensure success in your mission. An outcomes framework makes these results accessible for you as a Board member and assists your executive to communicate clearly whether the organisation is achieving for its consumers. Ensuring you have an outcomes based strategic plan will position your organisation to communicate its contribution to policy directions of government, to communities who want to see you are making a difference and will create flexibility to ensure you are implementing the most effective strategies.

Outcomes Victoria Senior Consultant Viv Cunningham-Smith has been assisting Boards to develop their strategic or corporate plans for over twenty years. In the past decade she has successfully utilised outcomes approaches to develop these with Boards . Viv has been both a CEO and a Board member and understands the necessity to be efficient and effective in measuring whether you are making a difference for your consumers. She is also acutely aware that human service organisations need to demonstrate their results to funders and policy decision makers no matter what their size and complexity. Viv has always had a strong commitment to assisting small and micro organisations in this task given the limits of their resourcing.