Tender Writing

Outcomes Victoria’s Consultants have over 30 years’ experience in tender writing including development of innovative service and practice models and systems which ensure an organisations success in the tendering process.

Outcomes Victoria will work with your organisation to define

  • the tender requirements,
  • synthesise the critical information required from you and
  • ensure that what you promise is within your organisation’s capacity and capability.

Viv has prepared tenders for national programs, state-wide services, boutique programs and everything in between. She has bought in millions for organisations from government, corporate and philanthropic funders. She is highly versatile and innovative in preparation of tenders for a range of content areas in and outside of human services.

For example Viv was the tender writer for the Australian Orangutan Project over a three year period developing tenders with in situ researchers and primatologists in Borneo and Sumatra. She successfully bought over $1million in funds to the organisation for orangutan conservation. Key to this success was Viv’s capacity to define the requirements of the tenders, obtain the critical information from the key stakeholders and develop this content within the requirements of the departmental models and policy underline the funding program.