Individualised consultancy tailored to how and where you want to implement your outcomes approaches



Mentoring key staff for the implementation of outcomes approaches and management of the challenges of change

We work with you to determine how you want to implement outcomes approaches as you are the expert on your organisation. To be truly effective your organisation needs to embrace at all levels of staffing an outcomes culture and the reflective practice which comes with it. You may not be ready to embrace outcomes across the organisation but wish to start at the level of your quality improvement program. You may have departments willing to pilot approaches as the start of your change process. Wherever you want to start Outcomes Victoria will assist you to think anew about your outcomes approach, the change management strategy it entails and will mentor your staff to ensure effective implementation.

Our Senior Consultant Viv Cunningham-Smith has over 8 years’ experience in the implementation of outcomes approaches especially those utilising Results Based AccountabilityTM and brings over 30 years of executive management experience to the challenges and opportunities of implementing outcomes thinking and cultures.