Demonstrating your outcomes is not only an essential element for organisational viability but it drives service quality and strategy.

Outcomes Victoria assists not for profit organisations to implement outcomes approaches for:

  • The whole organisation
  • Specific program streams
  • Quality Improvement programs
  • Strategic / Corporate Plans
  • Funding programs
  • Collective Impact

Outcomes Victoria does this through:

Individualised consultancy

Individualised consultancy tailored to how and where you want to implement your outcomes approaches


Mentoring key staff for the implementation of outcomes approaches and management of the challenges of change.

Working with Boards and the Executive team

Working with Boards and the Executive team to develop and implement an outcomes based Corporate/ Strategic Plan.

Use of Results Based Accountability

Use of Results Based Accountability Methodology™ to implement Collective Impact Initiatives

Working with funding organisations

Working with funding organisations to design outcomes based funding programs and mentoring their funded agencies to implement outcomes approaches.